Bukkake corned beef、Otoriyose Net Gourmand Category Ranking for the First Half of 2022 and

No. 1 】I received!

Decoy net

Broadcast in the Kinki region on 6/1、MBS MBS TV Mucha Research Kansai Real Cospa Survey』Thank you for choosing us as the number one companion for good cospa rice. →detail



May 16, 2022

Nippon Television、Morning information program ZIP! of Breakfast with Asami Miura Introduced by a popular female announcer, Asami Miura, who ate a bukkake corned beef.

Yukan Fuji Yukan Fuji 「Gourmand ordered for adults」Bukkake corned beef was posted at!

Yukan Fuji

Takashimaya transcosmos Meetz store opened!

Shinjuku Takashimaya、Meetz storeAt the showrooming store、Curator Jimon Terakado To「Bukkake corned beef」We have you select and handle!→detail

Updated April 30, 2022

Japanese black beef A5 cow specialty store

In-store menu

Bukkake corned beef

Featured in many media and exploding in popularity!Wagyu corned beef with the strongest rice。Repeaters in a row!

List of media publications

「Bukkake corned beef using natural salt made from beautiful seawater of carefully selected Wagyu tail Shimoda that can be purchased at our shop」は、「Shizuoka Prefecture Management Innovation Plan」It is a product approved as. All processes are manufactured by hand.


「Really delicious Japanese black beef has a different shine and it's always a Female cow.」

Kinji Yamamiya (Representative of KANEKYU Shoten, a veteran connoisseur in 55 years. Representative Nobuyuki Ukai's father-in-law)


Disseminating the charm of cows and the truth of meat

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